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North Coast Stunts

Our classes prepare you for the world of stunts. There is a great demand for stunt people - especially for fight scenes. As action films rise in popularity, so does the need for qualified individuals. Whether you are cast as an actor doing the stunts or work as a stunt double, the need is there.

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Doing stunt work can go VERY bad VERY quickly if you work with inexperienced stunt coordinators, which is why I always recommend North Coast Central Casting. Safety is always the number one concern when doing stunts on set—these guys take all the precautions and even guard against potential accidents most people wouldn’t even think about, so I always know that the crew and talent are working in a safe environment. And it’s not just all about safety—they pull off some great looking stunts! Fights scenes, rolls, stunt driving, burns, you name it and these guys have done it. You end up with Hollywood quality stunts at a fraction of the cost a major studio would charge.
Brian Jeffery Bowers
48 Hour Film Project
Cleveland Producer

The foundation of successful fight scenes lies solely upon the direction of choreography composed by the stunt coordinator and how it is executed amongst the stunt players. Ray Suzch served as the stunt coordinator and fight choreographer for the forthcoming film titled simply “MM”, from Imageline Studios and 35MM Pictures. The fight sequence between the two lead characters was filmed on the third day of principle photography on location, in nearly twenty degree weather at almost one o’clock in the morning. Prior to filming the scene, Ray coached actors Stephen Brockway and Steve Saunders on the fight choreography that he had designed for this particular sequence and rehearsed numerous times to perfection. Throwing punches, kicking, tackling, shoving and falling to the ground severely were all incorporated into the choreography. Ray oversaw the entire sequence and worked closely with director Christian Taylor to see that the scene looked exactly how the director had envisioned it.
Christian Taylor
Director / Cinematographer
Imageline Studios

Well worth it... Tops!
-Rex B.

The first panel that Jeremy and I went to was the Fight Scenes and Stunts hosted by Ray Szuch. Ray is a martial artist that has worked on several movies and produces his own television shows. Not only was he very informative in how to get good stunts on screen without spending a lot of money, but he was also one of the nicest guys that I’ve ever met. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as knowing all sorts of others that can be helpful. If you are making independent movies, you need to talk to Ray.
John Shatzer

I started tapping into Ray Szuch's expertise as a stunt coordinator in 2002 while working on my first feature-length movie project "Shades." Not only did he offer the use of his studio for my production, he also gave great, practical advice on the way a fight scene should progress, how to make it dynamic and exciting and interesting--all while ensuring that safety is always the primary concern. When it comes to finding a stunt coordinator here in Cleveland, the list is short. My list always starts and ends with Ray Szuch.
William A. Alexander
Travelin' Light Productions

Ray did an outstanding job with his fight choreography. His patience, guidance, trust and delegation was very much appreciated. Even more, his concern for safety was an utmost priority which kept our set injury free. And to top it off he's one cool cat.
Gary King
Kitchen Table Films
Director, "Death of the Dead"

Need casting or stunt services, help with production - contact Ray Szuch and Kristina Michelle from WEO. I've collaborated with Ray since 2005 and my first short films. Great people, friendly atmosphere, and true professionals!
Bruno Tatalovic
Belgrade & Cleveland Media

Stunt Training at the Academy is not only useful in film but is foremost useful in real life situations. The thing you learn in class expand from stunt training to self defense, so at the same time you are preparing yourself for film, you are also learning how to protect yourself if you need to.
-Philip Saad

Seeing as how Ray is an Emmy winning stunt coordinator I was rather intrigued to try out the stunt class. It was so much more than I expected! Rather than just learning how to throw, be thrown, and fall, you also learn martial arts prepare and participate in fight scenes and, if necessary, defend yourself in the real world. It's an all-in-one package.
Timothy Hale

Ray Szuch is an amazing stunt coordinator. I remember the stunt classes well. He taught me how to fall correctly, which I actually was able to use in a movie we shot in Hollywood, and I am very thankful for that. I had a few friends who also took the stunt classes, and I saw how it helped them as well, learning about fight scenes, etc.
Rae Sunshine Lee

Ray Szuch and his stunt team were crucial for providing stunts and fight coordination for my film and particularly a large fight scene.  The scene called for about 75 gang members to engage in a street rumble and the action had to be fast, furious and look un-choreographed. Ray puts the safety of his performers first without sacrificing the excitement and visual impact of the stunts.  Ray and his team of instructors managed to coordinate a melee that looked chaotic on screen but was a carefully executed routine. The scene turned out great and everyone involved with the production enjoyed working with Ray’s team of professionals!
Michael Eric – Filmmaker
DreamChaser Productions

Part that what makes Kristina and Ray's facility/school great is they also offer stunt training so the talents, not only good actors can also know how to fall and at least know the basic of stunts.
Johnny Wu
Owner - MDI Films

"The indie gathering has one of the most extensive, intensive, and insane stunt competitions I've ever seen. I love that you get to see these talented people do amazing things, live in person that they have obviously been training for months. Impressive talent."
Peter John Ross
Sonnyboo Productions

Longtime stunt coordinator of the Emmy award winning program “Crimestoppers”, Ray Szuch is an in-demand acting coach and mentor in the Cleveland area. Many of his students have gone on to become involved with the film community and have contributed substantially to numerous independent films. Ray not only teaches his students the craft of acting, he gives them the opportunity to do some real world networking within the burgeoning northeast Ohio movie community. He is also the founder and creator of The Reel TV Network, an online site for filmmakers and others interested in learning the craft. He has featured my Indie gathering lectures on Legal Issues in Film making on the site since its inception, as well as many other instructional videos on practical and technical aspects of film making.
Mary Ellen Tomazic
Entertainment Attorney

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