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If you’re working on a film project then you really need to be working with from North Coast Central Casting. They have the experience and expertise to really support the whole gamut of film production needs. They can handle the crew, they can handle the casting, they can handle the actors, the stunts, the production work…you probably get the picture. The best part is their connections—through production work through the years and through The Indie Gathering (one of the top film festival and networking events around) they’ve grown relationships with producers, actors, and crew from coast to coast. If you’re looking for quality work to take your production to the next level, these are the guys you want to be working with.

Brian Jeffery Bowers
48 Hour Film Project
Cleveland Producer


I was an acting student of yours in 2005 - 2006. I wanted to thank you for what I have learned. I took more classes in college, and after many years in 2014 I landed two speaking roles in film, one coming out in theaters this June. THANK YOU!

-Nicole Elaine Tubbs


I would first like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time and efforts on set. As you know, filmmaking is a collaborative effort where the visions of many people come together to craft a story. Many times those visions clash and the product suffers, but this weekend is an example of how the can vision soar when everything and everyone clicks. I can honestly say that this has been one of the most extraordinary casts and crews I've ever worked with and it shows. The performances are spectacular and rich and the technicalities were flawless.  Your dedication and attitude set the stage and because of that, we did really good work. I hope I have the chance to work with you again in the very near future and will notify you of the second unit shoot as well as the wrap/premiere party to see the final product.
 Again thank you and GET SOME REST!!!

Warmest regards,
Jason J. Tomaric
Quantus Pictures, CA

Thank you, Ray Szuch for your lightning response in providing total quality performers for our industrial production recently. Sincerely,

Peter Comerford, Director

"Other cities don't have a resource center such as WEO.  We, are fortunate to have this vital resource where we can audition, hold auditions and sharpen our acting/directing skills, to name just a few of the many wonderful advantages, of being a member, of WEO. We salute Ray Szuch for his never-ending pursuit, in helping people, both young and old, to achieve their theatrical aspirations and goals."

Ed Cambron, Director

In working with Ray Szuch over quite a few years now, I have always found him to be eager to meet the filmmaker's needs. Whether it be help with casting, stunt coordinating or providing extras and locations, Ray comes through with flying colors. His can-do attitude and support for filmmakers, makes him a pleasure to work with and a good man to have in your corner.

Bill Johns
Cinevid Productions, Ltd.

Ray Szuch. He offers a lot of networking possibilities as well as several excellent workshops.

James Christopher
Director / Writer
Twitchy Dolphin Flix / Cinema Constant

Ray is a really cool guy - a lot of film history there and a lot of great stories to tell. Talking with Ray, I found out that there's a whole world of resources available to filmmakers that a lot of us don't even know exist. It's a great resource they're putting together, bringing the film community together.

Nerd Remix, Film Blog

North Coast owner Ray Szuch has long been a beacon of light to the independent filmmaking community. His professionalism, dedication and innovative spirit has singlehandedly elevated the art of filmmaking in Cleveland and has directly influenced the ability to have the major studio and high dollar production now taking place in this city. For all of our projects, North Coast Casting is definitely our cornerstone!

Ritch Yarber Films

Ray Szuch, is THE "One Stop Shopping" place to go to if you are an Independent Filmmaker or Actor! If you need equipment to help get you rolling, they can help you. Do you need a location for your film? They are the people to call. Or maybe you are an Actor/Actress looking to get into the business or you are experienced and just looking to fine tune your acting skills, they can provide that for you as well with their acting classes.  Ray can also provide plenty of Actors and "extras" for your project if needed. Let's not forget STUNTS for your film! Ray Szuch can handle that for you, whether it's finding stuntmen for you, or coordinating a fight scene.  And if it's "networking" you are looking for...he
can also hook you up with all the right roads to follow in that respect as well!! Ray Szuch...The "One Stop Shop" for Independent Films!!

Mike Trivisonno
eMpTy Films

I love their casting services for actors. For a one time fee I get a personal email every week with over 20 casting calls from all over the United States. These casting services landed me two paid lead roles in feature films. Definitely worthwhile to sign up!

Alex Russo

Need casting or stunt services, help with production - contact Ray Szuch from WEO. I've collaborated with Ray since 2005 and my first short films. Great people, friendly atmosphere, and true professionals!

Bruno Tatalovic
Belgrade & Cleveland Media

"North Coast Central Casting, The Horror Hotel, The Indie Gathering International Film Festival, and all of the organizations and ventures headed by Ray Szuch have not only helped the local film community and its constituents, but he's
also given a huge boost to the amount of exposure, the networking capacity, and the sense of community for all sorts of artists throughout the world. These people help to bolster a global artist community."

-- Joel D. Anger (Film Actor/Writer, etc.)

For anyone anywhere The Indie Gathering is most definitely the place for film submissions. If I were not so sure of that I would never have suggested it to my current Producers, Adam Carbonne and Dick LeBeau. Film contests, monologues, acting, etc, you will find it all at The Indie Gathering.

Rae Sunshine Lee

Ray Szuch is a great resource for any filmmaker working on a production or wanting to get started in the Indie film world.  He brings over 35 years of experience with him and has been involved in hundreds of productions.  Ray can provide the casting for your production as well as find locations, extras, stunts, special effects and has a tremendous pool of talented associates that can service any part of a production.  Ray is a natural leader and commands respect from his team and the people around him.  He keeps the set fun and the production moving forward and on schedule.  Whether you are working on your first indie film or are a seasoned professional, I would highly recommend involving Ray in some capacity of your production.

Michael Eric – Filmmaker
DreamChaser Productions

As an independent filmmaker, it is very important to create and embrace a filmmaking community, as this community can become a resource of pools of talent that can help in front or behind the scenes. Not to mention, the community would help each other grow in learning to become better filmmaker.
Lastly, a community can also help elevate the city's resources, so when there is a need for certain talent, the community can stand out and help as they would know who's who.
The Cleveland connection to resources is Ray!

Johnny Wu
Owner - MDI Films

"The panel discussions are the highlight of the Indie Gathering to me. Getting insights from directors, actors, and people from all over the globe right here in the midwest is unparalleled. It's an incredible opportunity. The Indie Gathering is a unique film festival and indie film convention all wrapped into one. I have a blast every year. The networking opportunities are invaluable to anyone serious about film work. "

Peter John Ross
Sonnyboo Productions

For the past decade, Ray Szuch has presented Northeast Ohio’s premier independent film convention, The Indie Gathering, where filmmakers from cities nearby and around the world have screened hundreds of films. His organizational skills and ability to bring creative people together have made the Indie Gathering a favorite stop for award winning filmmakers. He has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge of copyright and trademark laws as they relate to independent film making at The Indie Gathering and other film conventions and festivals he has organized. I have also been invited by Ray to present workshops for filmmakers on the legal end of the business. Ray Szuch is an idea man who puts his thoughts into action, and is magnanimous about sharing his ideas and contacts, and enjoys helping others in the independent film world.

Mary Ellen Tomazic
Entertainment Attorney

There are many ways Ray and his company contribute, not only to the general community but the indie industry as well. If you are looking for casting, his doors are always open and well known. In all of the auditions I’ve attended, not once were any of them less than 10 people in attendance at a time. As you wait for your turn, there is an automatic friendly networking atmosphere, as actors, directors and everyone catch up and discuss potential upcoming projects. If you are someone seeking training, it’s available, anywhere from beginner sessions to just practice for the experienced. Ray’s classes are convenient as they cater to us with Day jobs, hands-on offering a wide variety of students to work with and very reasonably priced. He also works to promote his students, helping them gain valuable resume building experience. And finally if you are interested in challenging yourself, Mr. Szuch runs the Indie Gathering; an event held once a year in August where actors and filmmakers from all around come together to connect and display their work. There are mixers, discussion panels and competitions with awards in all categories, all successfully designed to bring the Indie community closer.

Shelia Weiss, Actress

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