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Acting Classes


No matter where you live!

One hour - Private & semi private online acting class - $25

Teen and Adult classes only!

Award winning instructor

Ray Szuch - 4 time Emmy nominated, 3 time Emmy winning producer, 4 time Telly award winning executive producer. Mr. Szuch has had shows on NBC, CBS and STO (Sports Time Ohio, the Cleveland Indians station). He now has a show on Retro TV, The Action Channel, Monster Channel, Roku TV and independent TV stations.

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The above video was a cast comprised of our students in a 48 Hour project!

Acting References

It’s hard to think “Cleveland actors” without immediately thinking of North Coast Central Casting. That’s because virtually every actor in the region has some sort of connection to them. And it isn’t hard to see why everyone wants to work with them—they’re churning out well-rounded, well-trained actors that are not only great on camera but also a great sense of responsibility and professionalism off-camera. Because they have such a great reputation they’re able to get all sorts of opportunities for the actors they work with. They connect talented actors with great projects, so it really works out for everyone.
Brian Jeffery Bowers
48 Hour Film Project
Cleveland Producer

I recommend that if you want to get into the Film Industry this is the place to go! When I go to Acting School I know what's in my Instructor's wallet! 3 Emmys! Better believe I won't be slacking when I get back in New Orleans. Ray Szuch has the experience and knowledge!

Been working to become a better Actor every single day. Well yesterday I Auditioned for a Lead Role and...... AND GOT IT! I want to first Thank the Good Lord Above. Next I'd like to Thank the Director and Casting Directors for giving me the opportunity. Most Importantly I'd like to Thank The Academy of Film Acting Teacher Ray Szuch and for teaching me along with the rest of the Class. With the Resumes and Experience that they have... How can I go wrong!
-Rex B.

I was an acting student of yours in 2005 - 2006. I wanted to thank you for what I have learned. I took more classes in college, and after many years in 2014 I landed two speaking roles in film, one coming out in theaters this June. THANK YOU!
-Nicole Elaine Tubbs

I've been with Ray since April, and they have taught me a lot about the business and have honed my acting skills tremendously. Thank you for your dedication to me and this craft!
-Troy H.

Ray helps any beginning Actor/ Actress understand how to read and prepare the script, provide confidence building and stunt work training.
-Derick M.

I have benefited greatly by taking acting classes here. Ray is great! They have given me training and confidence in my acting abilities, which helped me get a featured extra role in Draft Day, to get an agent, and to be cast in a play at the Cleveland Public Theater. I will continue to train there, because I want to keep learning and progressing as an actor.
-Jerry Tucker, Student, Actor.

As a director, I've been visiting Ray Szuch's acting classes for 15 years. Ray is the model of consistency, always teaching his acting students very practical lessons that help actors prepare for auditions and movie roles. I can always count on his students being competently prepared for any roles I may have upcoming in my movie projects. It goes without saying that I would not have reached the same level of success without Ray teaching his students the way he always does.
William A. Alexander
Travelin' Light Productions

"When I walked into my first acting class at North Coast Central Casting, I was as stiff as a board and I could only play certain characters believably. After several months of training with Ray and doing cold reads, monologues, improvisational exercises, and undergoing audience and instructor evaluations, I was a new actor with a drastically broadened range. Ray gave me a huge boost in confidence by helping me harness my talents and work on my weaknesses. I would highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to launch his or her acting career or, rather, to any people whom might want to continuously work on the craft of performing."
- Joel D. Anger
(Film Actor/Writer, etc.)

For me, Cleveland Academy of Film Acting was the most logical place to start. They made learning the business fun and the process of auditioning a lot easier. Thanks!
Greg Steele
Best Supporting Actor
2013 Cleveland 48 Hr Film Project

I felt that the class made a big impact in my life. It helped bring me out of my shell a lot more. Made me see that I could control my emotions in a way that I didn't think I could. By becoming someone else in character, it challenged me to learn new emotions other than depressed and sad.

Twelve years ago, I stepped into North Coast Casting to attend my first film acting class. Ray Szuch’s class was a welcoming place to learn the basics of film acting. Along with the craft, the classes emphasize the correct way to present oneself to the world of film. Head shots, resume writing, etiquette and terminology are a few of the areas covered. I think most importantly, Ray and his staff instill in all their students an unshakable belief that they can accomplish whatever they want in acting. I continue to grow and learn and move forward in my career because of the wonderful start I received at North Coast.
Beverly Kristy
Lead, Dying 2 Meet U
Assistant Director, Deadly Desperation's
Screenwriter, Bavarian Retreat

I had never acted in film before and it’s something I had always wanted to try.  I signed up for Ray’s film classes and he gets you reading through sides and scenes on the first day.  He also guides you with networking and meeting other actors, directors, and producers right away.   Ray strongly recommended I go to film auditions early on even though I was apprehensive about it.  I was cast for 3 different film projects within a month of taking his class, 2 supporting roles and 1 lead role!
-Julie Temple

The Academy is a great place to start a career as an actor or actress. I got a paying gig my first week of class. They teach you the basic and necessary tools you need to become successful in this business. Hands on training is the key at The Academy - they will help you with monologues, auditions, and many vital components that you will use all throughout your career as an actor.
-Camari Brown

I have been taking acting classes with Ray  for a little over 2 years now and enjoy it immensely. The two hour class flies by with activities that include the following: Cold reads, improvisation, monologue reading, pulling and working with all your emotions as well as deliverance, reviewing the process and steps to a successful audition. Weekly casting list for films and other related projects are provided keeping students on top of all projects. These classes have provided the tools I need to continue building my craft. Ray Szuch provides insight on the current events and social networking events as well. I recommend if you are looking for a class that will help aid you with skills, stop into class!
-Pauline Nowakowski

Academy of Film Acting is an incredible place to take classes. Good people, great opportunities and the perfect place to build and sharpen your skills. I don't know where I would be with out them.
-Philip Saad

I came to North Coast because a friend who was was also looking into acting found them online and I figured I'd check it out with him since it was so inexpensive. I was wowed by the expertise and knowledge of the industry to be found here. Most of all, what's most impressive is how integrated they are into the indie film community! This puts students on the fast track of information of casting calls coming from all over so one can build up their resume and make connections. This combined with all of the practice you receive every week from reading sides from various genres is priceless.
-Timothy Hale

I started attending classes at the Academy of Film Acting about 5 months ago without knowing much about the entertainment business. I just had a passion for film and curiosity of seeing if I was any good at acting. You will not find a better deal in Cleveland than the Cleveland Academy. You receive individualized attention in a supportive small group setting for a fraction of the price of other classes. I never would have been able to be introduced to the exciting and expanding world of Cleveland film if it weren't for the Cleveland Academy. I've met some amazing actors who could not be more supportive. I would recommend the  Academy of Film to any actor or actress out there. Ray is fantastic!
-Grace Ehrbar

Because of the things I learned in Ray Szuch's acting class after the first year, I was actually comfortable enough to actually teach the children's acting class one summer in about 2001. I learned about cold reads, voice work, proper set behavior, many things all necessary to be a successful actress. I hope in some small way I was able to help the children I taught there as well.
-Rae Sunshine Lee

Ray Szuch has a wonderful program for working with actors and teaching them various techniques as it relates to film and television acting.  If you are new to acting a lot can be learned from taking one of his acting classes and experiencing his unique approach to teaching.  Even if you are an experienced actor, Ray’s program will explore various methods that will allow you to further develop and hone your skills.
Michael Eric – Filmmaker
DreamChaser Productions

I've employed many talents that trained with Ray, their school has made very talented cast and they do well in many scenarios and roles. Definitely a place to consider to learn to become a better actor or first timers.
Johnny Wu
Owner - MDI Films

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