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World Stunt Assoc.

An organization networking stunt people and Martial Artists to the world of film making! Providing independent film companies with stunts, fight and stunt coordinators. We are the fastest growing organization of its type in the world! We are now in 38 states and 4 countries! Membership is open to all stunt people and Martial Artists.

Join today and start your film career!

Membership at World Stunt Association


We place your photo and email address on our web site along with networking you to the film business. We also notify you of all national audition notices our office receives during the year. Also members get our national conference and WSA's members only seminars at the "Indie Gathering" at no cost. 


 Please attach at least 2 photos of yourself. One of the head and shoulders and one of a full body shot. Send a resume of your acting and or Martial Art history with a check or MO for $35 for a lifetime membership. Make Checks and MO’s payable to:

Ray Szuch
5009 Storer Ave. #3
Cleve., OH 44102
(216) 323-2393

Registration Form 

If your school or studio has five or more registered members, the school will receive a 
registered school listing and a link on our registered school page.


WEOActing ClassesStunt ClassesMartial Art ClassesCasting ServicesWorkshopsTalent ManagementMembersOur Companies