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The Academy of Self-Defense is the premier location in Cleveland, Ohio to learn Hapkido and Taekwondo. The Academy of Self-Defense has been serving the Greater Cleveland area since 1968. If you want to learn the highly effective Self-Dense art of Hapkido or the dynamic martial art and sport of Taekwondo, the Academy of Self-Defense is your place. The Academy of Self-Defense offers very dynamic and flexible programs in Hapkido and Tae kwon do for men, women, children and teens. We also offer programs that cover Women's Self-Defense and Children's Self-Defense. We have an option to fit almost everyone's need.

Visit our web page at:

Endorsed by:
 International Black Belt Assoc.
 United States Police Defensive Tactics Assoc.
 International Police Defensive Tactics Assoc.
 World Stunt Association

WEOActing ClassesStunt ClassesMartial Art ClassesCasting ServicesWorkshopsTalent ManagementMembersOur Companies