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Talent Management

We are an Entertainment management group, not an agency!

Our Members belong to many different agencies and have worked on hundreds of projects, due to our resources! We need talent in your area! No experience is needed, and you can join today!  World Entertainment Online helps actors and crew find work,  while assisting filmmakers and independent producers cast and crew their projects. New talent is always in demand and you could be the one that filmmakers and casting directors are looking for right now!

We post your photo, resume and email address on our web site and direct producers and directors to the photos.
Receive casting calls every week by email!
We do NOT take a % of your work!
Don't keep yourself hidden. The only way for you to be discovered is by letting them know you exist...
Why wait any longer!


Membership is a yearly fee of $35
Registration form
For more information contact:
Kristina Michelle 440-308-4595


WEOActing ClassesStunt ClassesMartial Art ClassesCasting ServicesWorkshopsTalent ManagementMembersOur Companies