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Casting References
Ray and Kristina make casting projects really easy for me as a producer. It’s kind of like one-stop shopping—they do everything run monitoring auditions, throwing people on camera, getting the word out about auditions and even working with talent. Also because they’ve been in business so long casting AND coaching actors, they have access to a huge network of talented, experienced talent not only in the area, but all over the world.

Brian Jeffery Bowers
48 Hour Film Project
Cleveland Producer

I had the opportunity to work with Ray Szuch and NorthCoast Casting on my feature film “Connected.”  Ray was involved with the casting and responsible for providing various types of actors and background actors on the project.  Ray’s people showed up on set, on time and exceeded the expectation that we had for the production.  As filming schedules can, and often do change, Ray and his team were flexible and quick to adapt while keeping everything moving smoothly.  Some scenes also called for dozens of background actors. Ray provided many colorful characters that fit the scenes and the mood of the piece perfectly.  Ray also assisted with coordinating large groups which helped to keep the production on schedule
Michael Eric – Filmmaker
DreamChaser Productions

"Ray & Kristina of North Coast Casting supplied my music video with the lead actor, all the extras and film crew that I needed at last minutes notice. Kristina was even an acting coach for the artist on set and helped throughout the filming process. North Coast Casting played a major role in contributing to the success of my music video!"

Shree Chandra - Malay-American Records

I’ve used North Coast Casting for years to connect actors and filmmakers for the 48 Hour Film Project. They make the process incredibly easy, handling everything from casting room setup, collecting actor information, technical assistance, and providing staff to help run and monitor the auditions. The casting sessions are even more successful because of the wide, diverse base of acting talent that NCC already works with, so I know that when I work with them they’ll not only get the word out about auditions but they’ll also help attract the top talent in the region. If you want a smooth casting call, definitely use North Coast Casting.

-Brian Jeffery Bowers
Director, 48 Hour Film Project: Cleveland

Special thanks - the indie film producer's best supporters, for coordinating a great casting call for our "Lux in Tenebris" film production. Thank you Kristina Michelle and Ray Szuch.

Bruno Tatalovic - Producer, Belgrade Media Group

Thank you, Ray Szuch for your lightning response in providing total quality performers for our industrial production recently. Sincerely,

Peter Comerford, Director

It all boils down to one thing: Talent. Any time I visit Ray's studio, whether informally or as part of a formally scheduled audition, I can always count on finding plenty of well-trained, talented actors available for my movie projects. What's the common factor in all this? Ray. Without his talent and experience, his students wouldn't do as well as they do, and the quality of so many local Cleveland projects would suffer. Thanks, Ray. You make all of us look better.

William A. Alexander
Travelin' Light Productions

Your services are an essential asset to filmmakers throughout the Cleveland metro area. Whenever I am casting, doing a reading, or shooting my films I always consider your services my first choice because your services are usually the best choice.

Bryant Anderson
Producer / Writer / Director
Bryant Anderson Productions Films has used the services of North Coast Casting on both of our award winning independent films, The Deep Dark Woods: No Witnesses and Murder Machine!. Both projects required a large number of talented individuals to fill important lead and supporting roles as well as important crew positions. North Coast handled the task from start to finish in both cases without missing a beat. The Deep Dark Woods: No Witnesses earned the award for “Best Cast Performance” at The Late Night Horror Film Festival in California. The film was up against the much higher budgeted, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer starring Hollywood veteran actor and legend, Robert Englund. That is a testament to the quality that North Coast provides.

Ritch Yarber Films

​Special thank you to Ray & Kristina for hosting our auditions at their studio. It was a memorable experience for our auditionees, and everything was professional and ran smoothly. I love their casting services for actors. For a one time fee I get a personal email every week with over 20 casting calls from all over the United States. These casting services landed me two paid lead roles in feature films. Definitely worthwhile to sign up!

Alex Russo

Casting for my film with The Academy of Film Acting is one of the most positive experiences I have ever had with auditions.  Kristina is very accommodating and allowed myself and two of my crew members to host auditions with only a few days notice.  When we got there the sides were already printed out and distributed to the actors.  All of the actors were phenomenal, to the point that I wanted to start writing extra characters just to add them in!  I will definitely cast there again for my next short film and recommend The Academy of Film Acting to any filmmaker looking for a great local cast.

-Victoria Wilhelm
Majestic Home Productions

Been working to become a better Actor every single day. Well yesterday I Auditioned for a Lead Role and...... AND GOT IT! I want to first Thank the Good Lord Above. Next I'd like to Thank the Director and Casting Directors for giving me the opportunity. Most Importantly I'd like to Thank The Academy of Film Acting Teachers Ray Szuch and Kristina Michelle for teaching me along with the rest of the Class. With the Resumes and Experience that they have... How can I go wrong!

-Rex B. (New Orleans)

Need casting or stunt services, help with production - contact Ray Szuch and Kristina Michelle from WEO. I've collaborated with Ray since 2005 and my first short films. Great people, friendly atmosphere, and true professionals!

Bruno Tatalovic
Belgrade & Cleveland Media

"Within my first day of attending class at North Coast Central Casting, I had already found my way into a film as a supporting character somehow--and that was without having had any previous experience. Ray and Kristina know how to work with and help anyone; all they need is for their students to apply an effort. If I can do it, anyone can!"

- Joel D. Anger
(Film Actor/Writer, etc.)

My first audition in years, since the sixties, was at North Coast Casting. I could not have done it had I not had the opportunity to take the acting class taught by Ray Szuch in 1999. It was the springboard to my career that set me back on the path I had started as a child in California. I have now had many classes since and done many things in Hollywood, as evidenced by my imdb page, but I do not believe it would have happened had I not started out with Ray's acing class.

-Rae Sunshine Lee

Independent filmmakers always are looking for talented cast to complete their program, Kristina and Ray has helped many filmmakers realizing their dreams by providing a top notch service and talent pool.

-Johnny Wu
Owner - MDI Films

"I have found several great actors with the seminars, handing out head shots, and definitely from the monologue competitions at the Indie Gathering."

Peter John Ross
Sonnyboo Productions
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